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Nocturnal Garden Lenormand - Divination Cards by Fania Lorah

Nocturnal Garden Lenormand - Divination Cards by Fania Lorah

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Fania Lorah

For centuries, luminous plants and enchanting creatures have flourished in secret after dark. Now you can plant your own seeds of divination in the fertile grounds of the nocturnal garden and allow the moon to light your way. Featuring 36 hand-painted cards and a companion book by Faina Lorah, this lenormand deck was created under the stars to share a sense of midnight magic for the curious, the bold, and those wishing to grow their own nocturnal garden.
DELUXE EDITION: Includes 36 poker-size cards (2.5" by 3.5") with original hand-painted designs. An instructional booklet with keywords, meanings, and fun facts and a velvet lined rigid box (3.75" by 4.75"). This special edition features 350gsm cards with a luxurious matte finish and gold edging. The box is padded with a black velvet insert and makes a great collector's piece that will last for years to come.

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