Our Story, Our Mission

Lovecraft Industries is a Geelong based small business that has been slowly evolving since early 2017. What was once a small batch soy candle business has now grown into an ever expanding range of crystals, tarot decks, ritual tools and an informative esoteric library which promises to leave no stone unturned.

I am a secular witch whose roots are firmly embedded in science. This means that any practices, advice and information I provide is based in a wide range of historical belief systems AND scientifically proven modern day practices. You might also hear me talk about your initial "gut instinct" or what your intentions are. Why? Your gut instinct is your own body telling you what it thinks. Your intentions set the course for the decisions you make every day. They are important parts of what ultimately shapes you as a person. My power stems from my growing understanding of myself in the world, where we as people have come from and where we are today as a society. Your own personal beliefs are your power and your understanding of the world and that is exactly what magic is! Every single person deserves the freedom to choose their power.

My mission is to provide you with the tools you need to realize your own power through different resources that may ultimately guide you on the path to self discovery. Magic is extremely personal. Any power that exists in this world starts and ends with YOU. After all, what is magic if there is no individual wielding it?

Gain knowledge. Do no harm. Empower Yourself.